Urfaust – Urväterlicher Sagen

Band: Urfaust
Album: Urväterlicher Sagen (2003) [Demo]
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient
Label: Independent

Urväterlicher Sagen

The demo starts with a unique feeling of discomfort. “Verräterischer, nichtswürdiger Geist“ and “Zauberbild” are filled with a very solemn and eerie atmosphere, created just by string players and soundsamples. This undefinable discomfort is intensified by a voice, which ranges from mourning over grief-stricken to sinister. But despite this gloomy mood through out the first part of the demo, it still consists a certain form of sacred calmness, like standing in a huge church as a small believer confronted with the tremendous greatness of your religion. On the one hand intimidated by it, but on the other hand knowing to be protected by this undefinable and invisible magic of it.
Although the production is quite good for a demo, it is not possible to understand the lyrics. It is not even possible to distinguish if it’s Dutch or German. Though in my opinion this is because of the style of singing and it isn’t downgrading it, but intensifying the mysterious aspect of it.
The last part of the demo, “In den weiten, öden Räumen “ feels like a relieve from the previously felt distress. Bright and pleasant synthesizer samples are building up walls of inner tranquility. If you look at it isolated it is a soothing piece of music. But integrated into the demo it seems like it does not fit in it or at least not at that position. In my view there should have been lay more songs in between. Nevertheless it is an remarkable last song, with typical aspects of an outro.
All in all shows “Urväterlicher Sagen” the early signs of the signature aspects of Urfaust: opera-like arranged vocals combined with dark ambient elements and a repetitive structure. In my opinion the songs for the demo could have been chosen more wisely. The first two songs are building up this dark and intense expression of eeriness, just to break down into the, admittedly very beautiful and harmonic, but overall incongruous third song. In addition to that I am missing the musical climax of this previously described discomfort and in general of the instrumentation within the demo. There are a few attempts to create such, but it never reaches the level of a recognizable intensity.

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