Mephorash – Shem Ha Mephorash

Band: Mephorash
Album: Shem Ha Mephorash (2019)
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Shadow Records

Dark and epic

A excellent example of dark and epic black metal.
Not only the long and repetitive parts create a powerful and sinister atmosphere but also the bottomless breakdowns in either a violent sluggish riffing, summoning chants or ambient parts add a varied note to it. Although it contains a tendentially simple and melodic structure, it never tilts into a amateurish direction. Especially the grooving and catching drum patterns complement the acoustic flow. The ominous spirit is kept alive through the whole album.
The album as a whole enfolds itself as an obscure litany containing grim deities or places such as Thaumiel, Golgotha and also various names of god. Through a vivid and metaphorical language combined with either growling or praising intonation the listener gets captured in a solemn world of a dark ceremony.
Regarding the instrumentation and production, instruments and vocals sound solid and relatively clear. However sometimes the guitars sound a little bit too quiet or not as quite as well integrated into the mix and whereby seem to get lost in these massive sound walls. Whereas contrary the drums sound fitting and perfectly balanced in relation to the frequency of cymbals as well as punching toms and bass drum.
All in all a great piece of ritualistic black metal.
Personal favourite „Sanguinem“